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HR is a very critical function in any company. It is safe to say that, it Is the backbone of any organization. However, there are some super specialized services which are required at different stages of growth in an organisation. Sometimes these are time bound and considering the sensibilities involved, this task is outsourced to experts. Depending on the company and the requirement, some the services provided are listed below:

Enterprise Transitioning:

Traditionally most businesses were family run passed on from one generation to another. It was not about the skill or the ability to manage or grow the business but more of a birthright. In many a case, it resulted in the end of a rich legacy built over the years. Sensing that the business is bigger than the individual/ s and the longevity of it is dependent on the shift in the mindset, gave rise to enterprise transitioning. Ambitions of entrepreneurs also fuels the need for this service. While one may bring the company to a certain level, the next big leap requires external intervention in order to catapult the company at the top.


HR process and systems:

As a company evolves and grows, the need to create and operate systems also becomes important in order to reduce the time and investment in routine elements. This could be at any stage in the history of the company depending on its growth trajectory. This requires careful study of the entire organisation and its people but most importantly the objective to be served through the process and systems in order to provide a customized solution.

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